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We have unique and original cards and postcards based on original paintings. Not available in stores, but direct to you from the artist.

Moon Peeking at the Trees Post Cards
Moon Peeking at the Trees Post Cards by The_Thrifty_Painter
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Why not buy a painting online? article written by the Thrifty Painter, Reggie Hart... #thethriftypainter  


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A clean #brush will almost last forever. Make sure you follow these simple techniques to ensure that your paint brushes remain useful. The presentation below will outine the basic strategies you should employ. #thethriftypainter


......I wanted to write something artsy as an introduction, so here it is...

About  The Thrifty Painter:

disparate - fuse - image

Hurried, hungry, and insatiable, my obsession haunts my dreams and occupies every waking moment...

I paint. I go to my day job. Then I come home and paint again. Faceless, nameless, disparate-fuse-image, I paint because I need to extract what is not there. 

The repetition of color and shape. The sharp lines contrasting with soft, subdued transitions. An element of obligation, a false order, an absence of the chaotic and the imposition of the human, stand in stark contrast to the pastoral underpinnings that have become the main elements in my work. Sometimes oils, sometimes acrylics, sometimes mixed media: these are my children, my passion, and my poetry.

The Thrifty Painter,하트 (Reggie Hart) was born in Canada and  currently lives in Korea. 


Develop a taste for concrete deer with embedded antlers Then!  Moulting lasts a thousand years. 

The last two lines intermingle  


the last word forms the glue to bind the

     image. Sometimes



This excerpt is from the last poem I would ever write, Is Poetry, back in 1994. My decade’s long fixation with poetry had run its course. I was spent. Empty. I wandered from job to job until I finally got on a plane and headed for Korea. 

I immersed myself in my daily routine. Work. Home. Work. Then, acting on a lifetime of desire and artistic compulsion, I picked up a paintbrush in the spring of 2005 and almost immediately became maniacal, fanatical: frantically scattering colors and forming shapes... 

Art Sold Approach

A painting is finished when I stop looking at it.

Art Sold  Testimonials

"I usually don't get art; I get this." -- J, Canada

"Beautiful, unique style." -- Michael, Australia

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